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Computer Zoomed In Windows 8

Computer Zoomed In Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 also has a built-in Magnifier program that can be used by the people who are not good with their eye-sights. With the help of this feature users How to screen zoom out in Windows 8 Categories. Installation; Windows 8 Problems; Windows 8 Tips; More Articles. Open Desktop in Windows 8Windows Magnifier. If the images on the desktop are larger than usual, Windows Magnifier is most likely turned on. Windows Magnifier is an accessibility tool I've been using Windows 8 since it first launched. I have installed it on about 5 different computers using the retail upgrade downloaded for Windows 7 This information applies to Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer Zoom lets you enlarge or reduce the view of a webpage.This functionality is analogous to panning and scrolling (which can be used in conjunction with Semantic Zoom) within a single view. Semantic Zoom uses two distinct (Image-1) Windows-8 and Semantic Zoom in Start Menu eg Start Screen (Zoom-IN)!Hi Gerald, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community. Were there any changes made on the computer prior to the issue? I would suggest you to refer to make everything bigger or smaller on the web with these tricks to zoom in and out in windows 8 internet explorer.This tutorial shows three ways to zoom in or out on start screen using mouse and keyboard METHOD 1 ----- To zoom out: 1) Click on the - icon in the lower

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